We envision a community where everyone leads full, healthy, and inspired lives.

Founded in 1972, the Senior Center has grown from a small band of 50 older adults to a lively community of over 7,400 in 2008.  Over 500 dedicated volunteers in self-directed teams, with the support of staff, have designed and monitored every aspect of programming, bringing ever changing and vital programs and services to those over 55, and adults of all ages with disabilities. The model on which the Center has flourished for so many years, outlined in the document Management Values and Practices, continues to inspire and connect volunteers and staff.

The Senior Center has become a national model with an impressive string of awards and program replication sites, offering hundreds of services and programs each year, seven days a week, including:

Some imagine that the goal of senior center staff is to schedule games and activities to keep older people busy. In contrast, at Northshore our job is to greet whoever walks in the door, ask what they want to do and then support them in doing it. The participants become volunteers who bring their friends, build attention to their activities, call others to become involved, attract new and skilled volunteers, and watch their programs grow. Senior power has been our banner, and it has built our center into one of the largest and most active in the country.